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About The Cyber Consultant


I’m Lakeidra Smith, The Cyber Consultant.

I’m passionate about protecting people and businesses from cybercriminals and the devastation their actions can bring. I’ve devoted my life to learning everything I can about technology and the latest and greatest practices for ensuring cybersecurity. What can I say … I’m a tech nerd!

I believe that anyone who seeks knowledge should have access to it, and complex tech jargon shouldn’t be a barrier between everyday people and the security and peace of mind they deserve. That’s why I share everything my clients need to know in an understandable manner. Not everyone needs to be a technology expert, but everyone should care about their cybersecurity.

As The Cyber Consultant, it’s my job to stay up to date on cybersecurity threats, technology, and protections. Let me do the work so you can enjoy your personal and professional lives with the peace of mind that you, your family, your home, and your business and employees are protected.


My Story

I was born and raised in Mississippi in a loving, yet unusual, household that included four generations of cohabitating family members. Needless to say, this experience taught me how to  thrive in chaos and communicate effectively to people of all ages.

My older sister taught me how to use a computer when I was only three years old, and even with old fashioned dial-up Internet, I managed to explore all the nooks and crannies of the World Wide Web.

At the time, I thought I’d grow up to be a dancer … or a teacher … or a fashion designer … or even President. However, the more I worked with computers — magic boxes holding infinite treasures — the more I realized technology was my calling.

After minoring in cyber criminology at the University of Alabama, I realized that most individuals and organizations didn’t have access to the information or resources they needed to protect themselves from cyberthreats like identity theft, ransomware, and all the other terrible intrusions you hear of … and think it could never happen to you.

The summer after I graduated I wrote Cyber Curiosity: A Beginner’s Guide to Cybersecurity in the hopes it would eliminate the barriers that technical lingo and general lack of cyber knowledge for everyday folks.

Next, I founded BusiBliss Consulting, a business tech consulting firm with the mission of providing products and services to help professionals and business owners navigate the complex world of tech.

Today, as The Cyber Consultant, I’ve expanded my services to include personal cybersecurity protection and education for individuals and families. Combining my problem-solving and communication skills, technical knowledge and expertise, and more than a dash of creativity, I create innovative security solutions for people with all levels of technology understanding and expertise.

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